Disabled woman beaten bloody thanks to TSA

Because TSA News was down for a while due to IT problems, I didn't get to post this story here last month. By now, many people have heard about it. What they might not know is that it didn't just happen recently -- the abuse in this case took place a year ago, and the ...read more »


@AskTSA thread ending

I've decided to end the almost-weekly @AskTSA thread as the TSA's site has devolved into posting praise from passengers for PreCheck, advising passenger's how to make certain they receive PreCheck on their boarding passes, explaining to passengers how they can receive "expedited" screening in regular lanes, sometimes offering insincere apologies for the actions of abusive ...read more »


And the TSA incompetence beat goes on . . .

As I wrote earlier this month, TSA incompetence and stupidity -- combined with American populace passivity -- are causing thousands of people to miss their flights. The amount of time travelers are supposed to allow to get through airport security keeps ballooning -- from one hour to two hours to, now, three hours before their ...read more »


@AskTSA Week 6 – How do dogs speed up TSA screening?

There are no screen shots of @AskTSA comments this week because 90% of comments from @AskTSA are in response to the growing number of complaints about long lines and lack of Pre-Check lanes. There have been questions about hair pat-downs of women of color whom, in spite of an agreement with the ACLU, the TSA still ...read more »


@AskTSA Week 5

Week 5 of select comments from @AskTSA is up, but this just appeared @AskTSA's Twitter feed, and I had to share (click to enlarge):   read more »

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Not the TSA for once, just general moron America

Because the level of ignorance and stupidity in this country can never be overestimated, we have the latest incidence of one of America's fine upstanding citizens displaying her intellectual acumen for all to see. And supposed airline professionals going along with her. True, this didn't involve the TSA, but we can easily see how the ...read more »


TSA: Arrive Early and Still Miss Your Flight!

For months now, there have been so many stories in the news about the fact that airport security lines are getting longer, that the TSA is getting more onerous (as if that's possible), that people are arriving earlier and earlier and still missing their flights. With increasing numbers of travelers during the summer, things will ...read more »


TSA: Now Hiring!

Though on the one hand it pains me to post this video because it's via Alex Jones, who's -- well, not to put too fine a point on it -- a lunatic -- on the other hand it's hilarious and entirely apt. So hey, credit where credit is due. Watch and enjoy. TSA: Now Hiring!read more »


Week 4 of @AskTSA

An update to the page @AskTSA has been posted. Click the link @AskTSA in the Menu bar at the top of the page. Here's a teaser for you (as always, click on image to enlarge):   It's so obvious that whoever mans the @AskTSA desk just looks for key words and then responds to those key words -- ...read more »


TSA: Morons on Parade Episode 3,867

A recent tweet, brought to you by the brilliant minds of the TSA: Agent [email protected] 14 ADVISORY: #TSA RECOGNIZES PASSENGERS WHO MISS FLIGHTS DUE TO SECURITY LINES AS "MAKING HEROIC SACRIFICE FOR FREEDOM." There you have it -- you're making a heroic sacrifice for freedom! Don't you feel better already? (Okay, the tweet is technically satirical, but it reads exactly like something ...read more »